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About me

I am an illustration artist based near Lille, France. I am currently undertaking my undergraduate degree in fine art in Aberystwyth, Wales.

In my work, the idea of identity and the self have an important place. I explore those themes through storytelling. I like to create illustrations that let the viewer imagine there is a whole story behind them. I am especially interested in creating images around queer life and representation. I believe that representing queer life and queer characters can help spread positivity. I think that some themes that are very personal can resonate with the viewer and allow them to understand queer experience.

I work with different media, such as ink, watercolour, lino cut, wood engraving, as well as digital painting. I especially like how ink and watercolour work together. I like creating expressive drawings in ink and then using a bright and colourful palette to bring them to life. My practice also includes printmaking. It allows me to create more graphic work with an almost sculptural approach. The bold marks created by the carving tools are unique to this practice. With those marks, there is no in-between possible.

My art has been described as characterful and lively. I try to bring a balance of sensitivity and energy to my images to get my message across. Depending on the message I want to share, my illustrations can by fun and playful or more poetic and sensitive.

I have been influenced by pop culture such as the illustrations of Quentin Blake, the framing and image composition used in films and the absurd humour of the internet and social media. My practice is also informed by past and current artists: Egon Schiele, Pierre Bonnard, Jenna Gribbon and David Hockney. They share an intimate side of their life through their art, creating powerful artworks that are personal and unique. I try to have a similar approach and to reveal my personality through my prints and illustrations.

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